Same-Day Crowns For Your Comfort and Convenience

Planmeca Planmil 40 S

Save Time With Same-Day Crowns

Santos Dental is capable of producing laboratory grade crowns in our office on the same day of your appointment. This means you don’t have to wait weeks and come back for multiple appointments to have your custom crown fitted. 

A Faster, Easier, High Quality Procedure

Our 3-dimensional milling machine will manufacture a crown the same day as your assessment. The crown is molded from a block of porcelain. We will also make sure that it fits the shade of your teeth. Then, your dentist will make sure the crown fits. If necessary, adjustments can be made that same day. Finally, your dentist places the final crown with a secure adhesive. They’ll polish it and remove any excess cement before sending you home.

No Temporaries or Second Appointments

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